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Conditions Treated

At BetterThink we treat Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, Substance Use Disorder, and other Mental Health conditions.​

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We help you understand what medications are available and how they work. This empowers you to choose what is best for your situation.

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Therapy can help you heal from past wounds, learn new coping skills, and live a happier life.

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We work through Telehealth using online videochat. You access our services in the privacy and convenience of your own home.​

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Genetic Testing

GeneSight testing is available to guide us in selecting which medications will work best with your genetics. The GeneSight saliva collection kit can be shipped to your home for convenient sample collection. ​

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Nevada and Utah

BetterThink services are currently available to anyone living in the states of Nevada and Utah.​

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We enjoy serving all communities including LGBTQIA+2S and Native American.

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Medical form with stethoscope

Medication Prescribing and Adjustment

Psychologist's Office

Mental Health Diagnosis

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Science Lab

Lab Test Ordering and Interpretation

Our Services: Our Services
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