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On Vulnerability

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

I love reading Brene Browns work on vulnerability and authenticity. Her philosophy has changed how I feel and show up in the world.

When I was a new grad, clients sometimes gave me feedback that my voice sounded "fake." I realized that I was presenting as the provider I thought I should be, instead of who I really was.

Now I show up with my whole heart. At first I was scared that clients would see me as a fraud, or incompetent, but on the contrary it helped them feel more vulnerable and authentic with me.

Part of being vulnerable for me is owning when I don't know the answer to a question. It also means approaching others with respect and curiosity, open to learning more about them. My goal is that others can feel my open heart, and know that I genuinely care about them.

Is there part of you life where you would like to show up more authentic and vulnerable?

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